Just Non-Motorcycle Songs

OK Mr Hitler.
This is my MOTORCYCLE song
It’s a motorcycle song because I play it when I’m on my motorcycle and there’s a motorcycle in the background of the video.

Oh and also because we all love our motorcycles. Power of Love. Get it ?

Achtung! Time code for the motorcycle or it didn’t happen. I think you’re confusing ‘tenuous’ with ‘made up’.

4:16 I think you’ll find

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Not on my version. Screenshot or it didn’t happen. :thinking:

Come on now stop the foot stamping. It’s my motorcycle song.

Come on now. You know the rules.

You’re right, i’ll go and make a cup of Yorkshire Tea.

Problem solved. :grin:

Obviously a GSXR1100… you can tell them a mile away… :joy:

Yeah, yeah. Nice try. :grin:

They’re in a pack…

Well well well, your forum, your opinions eh ? Not exactly what forums are about.
Here’s a song for you:-

A bit grumpy today, Andy? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: “we’re doomed, doomed I say!” :rofl:

Everyone’s entitles to an opinion here but there are rules on sign-up and specific expectations in some categories and threads, Staying on topic (or thereabouts) is basic forum etiquette. Being moderated is not the same as being oppressed or cancelled.

I took my mate Dave down to the airport this morning. He has a talent for constantly turning the converation to a depressing topic eg. illegal immigrants, benefit scroungers, snowflakes, teachers etc.
I’m not really grumpier than normal just annoyed that my opinion is not allowed to count. The idea of a forum is that all members can be heard but our forum owner seems to be getting a bit strong with his censorship.

Loosen up Andy, no suppresion here I don’t think - just a slightly OCD owner of the forum (which is not a bad thing, me thinks)

Staying on topic? Where’s the fun in that?

I must object to the idea of being OCD. It’s CDO or alphabetical order means nothing.

It’s a shit song anyway :joy: