Just popping to the shop, dear

Anyone managed to sneak our on their bike today?

Under orders to mow the grass. :roll_eyes:
Managed Padstow yesterday and St Mawes the day before. :grinning: :+1: :+1:


Nipped out with the other half for a couple of hours on the 790 Bonneville. Shropshire and Herefordshire on some of our favourite roads. Coffee in Ludlow and home over Clee Hill.


Lovely. It’s quite pleasant out there…

Welcome along, as well.

Had a bimble around Chippenham this morning. Quite pleasant and sunny.



Commuting to work for an hour or so each way for me, but the majority of it is fun until town is reached - worth it as it’s only a small fraction of the total journey and I arrive in a good mood which my colleagues are grateful for. Stopped for a quick photo just short of home on the way back.


One of the joys of commuting by bike is the pleasure of starting the day with nice ride, and the schadenfreude of seeing how miserable all the car and train commuters look. :grin:


Yeah the ‘Scottish 2022’ trip to the ‘Shop’…….:wink:


That is a stunning looking bike mrs V

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Had an MOT booked for this morning intending to take my Street Triple but rain stopped play!

Good job the guys in TREEN Motors are fully aware of my wet weather aversion …

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At a guess, Braemar Ski Centre car park, great road up, great road down. Ride safe.
Im just off to the Dentist. So no chance of a swap then.

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