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Hi from gloomy michigan. Finally entered the triumph world with my first of many 2019 Speed Triple RS. Well worth every penny spent on it. Been holding out for a 2024 street triple in cosmic yellow since last summer but none of the dealerships around me know when of if theyll get any. Figured i was settling for the speed triple and how incredibly wrong i was. Love this bike and only had it for a month.


Hi and welcome, enjoy your new bike.

Welcome in, the Speed3 is a fantastic bike (not at all biased :wink:), just wait till you’ve tried 4th 5th and 6th! :laughing:

Welcome aboard :sunglasses:

Hi and welcome.

Hi and welcome!!

Hi Scott. Welcome to the forum. I don’t think you can go far wrong with either the Street or the Speed. Both excellent bikes.

Thank you. If our weather will cooperate, i intend to

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Thanks. It absolutely is so far. Nothing i dont love about it so far

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Thank you so much

Thanks, i appreciate it

I everything about the street. Didnt much think i would like the speed as much let alone more lol


Thank you very much

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Hi and welcome from a fellow RS owner. Great bikes, I love mine :grinning:

I do too. Best bike ive ever been on.