Just wondering about the new coming 400's

Just wondering about the new four hundred Speed and Scramblers. What’s your thoughts peeps. I may go and test at Bulldog later.

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Got an email today…

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When I was in Youles in Manchester the other week they said they had taken 50 deposits for 400’s before they’d even announced the price. Their dealership in Blackburn had taken a similar number. Manchester has more Speeds ordered than Scramblers while Blackburn was the other way around.

Buyers are falling largely in to three camps - new riders, back-to-biking people, and those wanting a smaller, second bike.

If other dealers are experiencing similar interest, and it seems reasonable that they would be, then Triumph may have another winner on their hands.


Not currently looking for a smaller capacity bike, but a test ride to see how it performs would be fun :slightly_smiling_face:


I also received the email about tour dates but to those who’ve been to these before, what does it mean?. Is it just a couple of bikes sitting there to look at, or are test rides available?
I must admit to having the attention span of a squirrel so have kinda lost interest in these as the launch to being available is sooo longggg…


I’ll probably go along to the one in Manchester so I’ll report back from that one.

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I went to the one at woburn pure triumph today. Both bikes are there. They don’t have the owners manual or even an ignition key, so can’t be started up. Plus they have no info on payload etc (which is a major requirement of mine as we often ride 2 up with a lot of kit).
Me and the other half had a seat on both, I preferred the scrambler, it felt larger than the speed 400. Plus the speed 400 pegs were at the worst place for me where my calf’s wanted to be with my foot on the floor. The other half was happy with the seating position on both, so that’s a thumbs up then. I’m 5’10" with short legs, the other half is 5’2" with normal womanly proportions!
I could flat foot the speed, but was on the balls of my feet on the scrambler.
The guy was saying triumph have indicated around £5,600 for the scrambler. I forgot to ask about the speed 'cause I lost interest after sitting on the scram…oops.

My interest has been reawakened. Just got to get christmas out of the way as they won’t be here until Jan 2024 :rofl:


Planning to have a nose around the new 400s when they come to Manchester. Spoke to Youles today who said they’ve now sole about 70-80% of their allocation from Triumph.

@Octoberon, One thing I forgot to ask was can they take a centre stand. If you remember could you ask? and maybe have a look under the bike to see if the lugs are there? I can’t find a centre stand on the triumph accessory list.

Sure. I’ll take some pictures as well.

Might ride over with you nr the time, give me a shout.

Well it certainly won’t do Triumph any harm to have a foot in the smaller capacity bike camp.
The Trident 660 sold well so I see no reason why the 400 won’t do even better. The scrambler version is a good idea - definitely a popular style that shows no hint of gping away.

Great to see more affordable bikes on the market, apart from just Royal Enfield.

I recently bought my second smaller capacity bike - the Street Triple :rofl:


Prices are now on the Triumph website

speed 400 - £4995

Scrambler 400X - £5595

That looks pretty good to me, I’ll definitely be interested in the Scrambler next year at that price.

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Saw them on Friday at West Yorkshire Triumph and was very impressed :blush:
Would be fantastic around the Lakes roads👍

They’re in Manchester from tomorrow. Not sure which day but I’m planning to wander over, perhaps at the weekend.