Kawasaki Hybrid Launches in 2024

I seems to have missed this one coming. No prices yet but it’s arriving in April next year. What do we think? It’d be interesting to try one but I’m unconvinced, especially without knowing how much it’ll cost.



I can’t see any mention of how much all this adds to the weight and what is the total bike wet weight - I think that is crucial.

I see it’s got a forward and reverse ‘walk’ feature via the electric motor which is a good idea, but is that because of how much extra this bike weighs over a conventional middle weight bike?


It’s going to be the same as hybrid cars, from an engineering perspective ICE and EV together compromise each other and you end up with an over complicated and heavy vehicle. The only benefit of EV (imo) is it’s simplicity, which you loose in a hybrid. I see hybrid as just a solution to EV range limitation/anxiety. I’ll be sticking with pure ICE thankyou.


For me “hybrid” is a compromise I can live with. They go some way in reducing emissions and provide economical mileage without having to plug in to charge them. Win win for me at least until the infrastructure is in place and full EV range is sufficient to meet general driving needs.

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I can’t see me moving away from an ICE to full EV in my lifetime, I just don’t do the miles to anywhere near recover the cost differential between the 2. Someone I know has a Tesla 3 flying fridge that cost silly money. Elon then dropped the price by 6k and earlier thisvyear he was moaning how much his insurance had gone up. Some insurers are now refusing to cover EVs at all, saw something last week where a Tesla model Y owner was told at renewal that his insurer were pulling out of insuring EVs so he had to go elsewhere. His insurance went up from £500 with his outgoing insurer to £5,000 with his new one. EV motoring isn’t cheap…

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Likewise I’ll be dust before I give up ICE.
I think it’s time insurance companies came under some kind of government control, it’s an essential and the companies know it, and are ripping us off.
It’s a similar situation with Range Rovers because of the higher risk of theft. However I’ve seen reports of premiums doubling for many cars.
Just cashing in on the “cost of living crisis” IMO

I remember reading in MCN there’s a problem getting bike training in N Ireland due to training companies going out of business due to being unable to obtain insurance. Haven’t heard if it’s been resolved.

I agree. :joy:

I reckon it’s more to do with the intermediaries cashing in (remember when you used to deal directly with the insurer to make a claim?), inflating costs for repairs and vehicle horse, and superiors injury claims. Everyone’s making a buck all along the chain while we pick up the tab.

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I had been thinking about putting forward a suggestion for a spell checker to be available in forum replies (or am I missing something?)
Anyhow, so far I’ve not been offered a courtesy horse while my vehicle is being repaired. :laughing:
(but then I’ve only ever had servile injuries)

Amish insurance is.much cheaper. :joy:

Bennetts bikesocial have tested one here Kawasaki Ninja 7 HEV (2024) - Review (bennetts.co.uk)
Apparently around £12K and 227kg wet.


They seem to like it. No standout features to tempt other than the extra economy but the pricing is probably going to be about right for some, and it’s early days for hybrids.

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Hmm, I was sceptical but have to admit that looks like it has some good useful tech. It is a bit weighty but the forward and reverse walk features will be very useful. A good start I think.

I agree with the reviewer that having this tech in a more adventure/tourer type bike would be even more appealing.

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