Know any good motorcycle transport services?

I live in the middle of the UK and am looking to get my bike to a dealers 20 miles away by Wednesday. Anyone know any company that can do the job?

With a bit of luck someone on here will be local with a bike trailer and be more than willing to help :crossed_fingers:


Another option could be to hire a trailer. You may not have a tow bar but somenone else here might. I haven’t, unfortunately, or I’d come and help out.

A couple of places that may not be near you but give some idea of price

I live in Kidderminster. You are welcome to borrow my single bike trailer.

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Thanks very much for the offer @TallPaul I’ll consider that as a backup option.

As a real emergency plan I could try and hire a car with a tow bar (if such a thing is possible) and borrow/rent a trailer. I’ve never loaded a bike or pulled a trailer (or hired a car) so all this would be a final act of desperation.

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Do you have breakdown cover.If so get it recovered to the dealer?

Did consider that, but they recovered me home originally. Perhaps they’ll do it if I pay? Worth a shot if I get stuck.

Thanks for the trailer hire suggestion @Octoberon, there’s one very near though they say max weight 240kg, my bike is 265kg. Think they’re geared up for off-roaders. They’ll be other hirers too. Though lots seem to say bring your own straps, another big complication.

All of this help people are suggesting is helping formulate plans X, Y and Z :wink: Have contacted some professional bike movers which is plan A, but only response so far as ‘maybe, we’ll get back tomorrow’.

Right, I need a break, and a beer to relax and de-stress, ready to attack things again tomorrow…


Straps are cheap, you’ll need 4. If you’re going down that route, make sure you pull down on them 1/3 into your suspension travel.

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@3speedlowslowgo who delivered your bike? Same guy delivered Dougies.

Will the dealers not pick it up?

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Great service and a dedicated motorcycle service ( so no boxes of Aunt Annie’s Scrap Iron. banging into your precious new bike). 7 vans running round the country. The Yamaha Dealer I got my bike from wont use anyone else. Nice guy too.
Also I went on Shiply .com to compare prices and they are competitive

If you have Homestart on the cover I’d ignore the fact that they recovered you home and just tell them it won’t start and you want it recovered to the dealer and not mention the previous recovery. They can only say no :slight_smile:

Or wheel it !/4 mile down the road and claim it as a roadside recovery.

It’s always good to live on top of a hill when you own a fickle Italian motorcycle …I’ve had to use that old “ it just cut out here” trick more than once….Having free wheeled half a mile down hill from home…!


I’ve now booked transport for my bike, phew! Will be able to relax a lot better this weekend knowing that.

The dealers really didn’t want my bike delivered before the day as they don’t have anywhere to store it. They’re are busy ‘building’ new bikes and said that today alone they had 13 test rides to perform. Guess it’s the time of year for lots of people having a ‘new bike day’. :slight_smile: They sorta left it open that if I was in a real pickle they might be able to take it Wednesday but hinted, quite rightly, that they were already bending over backward to help.

So, I’ve managed to get a bike mover that’s based near dealer to collect my bike Wednesday and deliver it first thing as they set out on Thursday’s jobs. Unfortunately this means delivery at 7:30 :frowning: so I’m going to have to get up early and drive 40 miles to be there myself to take ‘delivery’, then hang around until 9:00 to hand over bike myself before driving home. Still, desperate times require desperate measures.

Fortunately one of the friends I’m going Europe with is available to drive me to collect bike. :slight_smile: That’s assuming bike is working in time, I’m not going to allow myself to get hopes up too much.


Good to hear you’ve been able to make the arrangements - fingers crossed they’ll get the bike fixed in time… :crossed_fingers: cutting it close though!

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It’s actually primarily booked in to just have the new ECU programmed, which I’ll be fitting when it arrives. ECU wasn’t in today’s parts delivery to dealers, hopefully it’ll be there tomorrow and I can pick it up and have a few days to put bike back together.

If the problem isn’t simply the ECU then I don’t see how they could diagnose and fix it in time, unless I’ve missed something simple in my testing (always possible :slightly_smiling_face:) They certainly don’t have time to get any required spare parts.

Still, this is all as much as I can do, and if bike isn’t fixed in time at least it’s at the dealers so they can hopefully fix it for me eventually.


A nail-biting time. I hope it all goes well. :crossed_fingers:


Well done for making the arrangements that you have - under these most unfortunate of circumstances you’ve done all you possibly can to mitigate the awful situation you’re currently in. Fingers crossed that it all works out well for you and that the trip to Europe is a good opportunity to wind down from all the recent stress!