Last ride for 2022

Last hit out for 2022,
Awesome riding weather, but almost to hot for the leather jacket . Just over 30 deg at midday and about 80 % humidity.
Lower Hunter Valley, NSW, East Coast of Australia


We’re not jealous here in the UK…much. Decent biking weather will start to turn up in a couple of months’ time but 30 degrees is a long way off for us

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Yeah not jealous at all…bugger off!

Lucky you 30c riding with blue skies. 6c here in north west England, so the bike will remain in the garage :slightly_frowning_face:

We’re under a flood warning here, river in the garden came close to overtopping last night, may have to jack the bike up in the workshop :flushed:

Stick it in a bag🤔

Yes vacsac would do the job. Something like this.

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Gorgeous. I would love to have some of your weather please!

River peaked at 0.8 metres below flooding the gaff…phew.