Lazy days of summer

Being as it’s the height of the summer holiday season I thought that for this weeks ride I’d go to a non-touristy and quiet part of the country, namely Northampton, Bedford, Peterborough way.

Before heading off after breakfast I topped up tyres with some air and whilst doing so could hear a buzzing that sounded like the drone that occasionally lurks in the sky around here. Except that the sound wasn’t changing or moving, so was a little confused until I realised the noise was coming from dozens of bees feasting on the nectar from nearby bistort plants :smiley:

After an hour or so riding country lanes I glimpsed a picturesque view through trees that cried out for a photo stop.

Half an hour later I was crossing the Great Ouze.

My route was trying to avoid major urban areas and stopped short of Bedford to join the B660 and head back north again on some more sweeping roads. Once near Peterborough I turned off and found the field entrance that’s become my usual stop for when I head this way.

A few hundred meters before here I had passed a parked van with a few people nearby in a field with a motorbike. Curious, I watched them whilst eating my pasty as an early lunch. They didn’t seem to be doing much, just hovering around the stationary bike and then two bikes passed by me and joined them. I think Motorcycle News are based nearby, perhaps this was some kind of photo/video shoot?

Anyway, heading onwards I travelled towards Uppingham for some more refreshments, but as I was passing had to stop for a look over the Welland valley and viaduct.

But a certain furry creature was impatient for lunchtime desert so we didn’t linger and went to Uppingham.

It was a very nice day and with still plenty of hours left, but rather than ride until knackered I decided to head the hour or so to home. A total of 5 hours and 150 miles of riding is probably ‘just right’ for a lazy summer day.


Ah, my old stomping ground when I used to be a ruffian.
Lovely pictures @BrownMouse, the first one is a cracker! Looks like a good day :slightly_smiling_face:


It was :smiley: I often think of ‘big’ scenery for the best riding, e.g. mountains, moor tops, coastal, but those aren’t in easy reach for a day trip and on sunny days the rural and agricultural landscapes are equally enjoyable. Especially when everyone else seems to have buggered off on holidays leaving the roads empty :smiley:


That looks like a really gorgeous day out…looks like a sinister decapitated head on the back though :grimacing:.
Screenshot 2023-08-16 at 20.13.47


Great ride report. Hats off to you for wanting to get off the beaten track. :grinning: