Little Trip in Derbyshire

Met up with Steve @Wessa at Yondermans cafe in Derbyshire today but we didn’t fancy eating there so we went to Hassop Station Cafe were the food is one or two levels higher. It was a great day weather wise and after a really nice bit of snap at Hassop we rode over to Monyash where we had ice cream and a cuppa.

We got talking to a guy who was on a 70 year old 125cc BSA Bantam, the guy himself was 85 and still going strong so there’s hope for all of us yet.
I thought maybe he had owned the bike from new but he’d only bought it four years ago and once he got talking he didn’t stop. Fortunately some of his acquaintances turned up and drew his attention.

That’s Steve’s 1050 Tiger Sport and my Kwacker Z900RS in the picture.
Notice also that Steve had a LARGE ice cream while slim me only had a small one. :innocent:


Hardly the wild ones, didn’t even have a flake or sprinkles :joy:

Got to watch our figures. :rofl:

@AndyPandy likes to go out for food, sometimes a bike ride breaks out :grin:

Next time, skip the ice cream in Monyash. As you ride out from town towards the main road, there’s a farm on your left that sells their own ice cream, and it’s nice! Tagg Lane Farm or somesuch. I was in Derbys today but on shanks’ pony. :slightly_smiling_face:


Nah just good mint chocolate chip, no need for anything else :grinning:

Here is his bike…


Originally registered in paisley.

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Face Palm
Sadly I feel that time may have passed

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