Live petrol prices

The CMA (Competition and Markets Authority) has told petrol retailers to provide live data on their prices. The idea is to drive more competition, which has to be a good thing for us customers. There are apps now but as far as I’m aware they’re crowdsourced.


I use an app called PetrolPrices which provides petrol prices in your local area. You can also check prices in any uk location.

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What sort of prices are yous seeing over there currently? Low 1.30’s here with diesel only about 1p less

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unleaded is 144.9 here ATM :rage:

That’s crowdsourced rather than live prices. Good, but forcing the petrol companies to provide live data will be better.

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We live pretty rural, the prices in the little independent garages are high 1.30s with diesel being a penny or two cheaper, Tesco in the nearest town is more expensive.
The government is pissed off with the big four as they took the £3.8 billion subsidy and trousered it for their shareholders :rage:

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Why is the fact that it is crowdsourced an issue.
It is providing a valuable insight to prices right now. I agree that forcing the retailers to provide the data will likely be more accurate, if it ever gets started.

Never said it’s an issue. A live source is just more ideal as it’ll be in real time and from the horse’s mouth.

It will make it easier for the local filling stations to check each others prices to make sure they’re not cheaper than the others. That seems to be how it works around here as they’re always exactly the same price.

There are differences here. The closest one is always the most expensive - typical. I wonder how this works for independent retailers?

It’s about time diesel gets below the price of petrol.

About 1.40 here with diesel still a penny or two MORE. Only seen one place selling diesel at same price as petrol.

Diesel has been consistently 1 or 2p a litre cheaper here for a couple of months.

I’ve seen unleaded petrol around here from 138p to 143p this week.

The four nearest petrol stations to me are unleaded at 148.9 and Diesel at 149.9 All EXACTLY the same price.

It’s called “A Cartel” or “Price fixing”