Local loop around my home town of Swaffham, Norfolk

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A47, B1153, Lynn Road, A148, A149, B1145, B1153 (again), Walton Road, River Road, Narford Road, Narford Lane, West Acre Road

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This is a local loop that I sometimes ride around my home town of Swaffham in Norfolk.

Swaffham is a pleasant market town in the centre of Norfolk with a population of approximately 8,500. It has a number of pubs, cafes and tea rooms in the centre and has free parking for both bikes and cars. The town centre is taken over every Saturday by a large market which has existed since the town received its Royal Charter in 1215.

Norfolk and East Anglia in general is very flat and not renowned for its scenery, unless of course you head for the coast which gets VERY busy in the summer. It does however have some excellent roads to ride which are usually fairly quiet (even in the summer) and lots of pretty, small villages along the way.

There are two locations just off this route that I like to visit. The first is Castle Rising and the second is Castle Acre Priory.

Castle Rising is a 12th Century Normal castle built around 1140. It is probably most famous for being the home of Queen Isabella from 1330 until her death in 1358. Queen Isabella was the wife of King Edward II, mother of Edward III and the sister of the King of France. Isabella became known as the She-Wolf for the part she played in the overthrow of her husband Edward II and her (alleged) part in his subsequent murder. Upon her death in 1358 the castle passed to her grandson, Edward the Black Prince who used it as a hunting lodge.

Castle Acre Priory was founded in 1090 by the Cluniac order of monks and was in continuous use until it was surrendered to the Crown in 1537 as part of King Henry VIII’s “suppression of the monasteries”. Shortly thereafter it was largely demolished.

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