London Bike Show 1994

The bike show is on in London this weekend. I’m not going, sadly, but I did come across this among my photos from the same show when it was at Crystal Palace.


I always liked those thunderbirds. I had one as a loan bike for a day while my trophy 900 was being serviced. Had to ride to work but took it out for an extended lunch hour before heading back to return it with quite a few more miles on it :grimacing:. Trouble was I commuted on the bike so had grown used to the comfort of a fairing in winter and when I traded the trophy in I was smitten by a daytona… Stupid boy, it would probably be the perfect bike for me these days.

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I absolutely love mine. As you say, the perfect bike for me.


I absolutely LOVE mine, too! And, while it’s a purely personal preference, I do think the Sport has added styling advantages … not to mention an extra 12 horses - albeit pulling an additional 9 lbs dry weight.


Plus an extra gear and probably most important, two discs up front :grinning:

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