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I’m currently counting down the “sleeps” (20 until departure!!) before, along with my brother; my brother in law and a long time biking friend, I fly out to (hopefully) sunny Spain for some motorcycling with Dirtbikeholidays (https://www.dirtbikeholidays.com/). We’re booked for 3 days trail riding/4 nights accommodation.

The only thing - as far as I know - that I haven’t got organised is one trip travel insurance that will provide reasonable cover for me for off-road riding. There’s quite a few insurance companies that will provide single trip travel insurance cover that includes motorcycle riding but I’m struggling to find one that will include cover for off-road riding.

Does anybody here have any experience of having cover for offroad riding either here in the UK or abroad, or know of a travel policy that includes (or does not exclude) off road cover?

Any help advice or information would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve only just got my cover sorted for our Euro tour (but is on road), went for annual cover as it was only slightly more expensive and ever the optomist hoping for more than one trip.
Give this company a call, I spoke to Richard who was very helpful, I think they will be able to sort something for you.

(If you saw my post about a friend hitting a deer in California this is the company that covered him and who I got the recommendation from)

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