M1 'cash cow' camera

I try not to get worked up about the mass surveillance we’re all under these days as it’s easy to become apoplectic at the sheer pervasity of it. This one seems to be making money based on a false premise, though.

The speed limit through that part of the M1 is clearly marked as 60 mph to reduce pollution. Ok, but aren’t speed cameras supposed to penalise people for increasing the risk of an accident at speed, not for the amount of pollution they’re creating? The area with the camera (that isn’t it in the picture) is a broad, three lane section, just like countless other miles along that route.

On this occassion it seems pretty clear that we are being fleeced by our own government.


Fleeced? I call it “Fisted”

Without any KY…

Indeed. It gets ever more pervasive as the years go by (with the best of intentions of course). The more advanced that technology becomes (and it seems to be developing exponentially), the worse it’s going to get, both from state surveillance and from corporate interests finding out all about us to sell us crap that we don’t need and that the planet can’t sustain. A private life will be a thing of the past. Rant over.

Dear Mr Octoberone.
I am somewhat surprised by the tone of your recent post about the well placed and suitably thought out eco-camera.
In the modern day, over polluted, environment we live in, anything that can potentially reduce CO2 emissions should be encouraged.
I wish to see these rolled out in many more locations, save the world in small steps should be our mantra.
You may not be aware of this, but negotiations are close to being finalised to place one of the cameras, that you mention above, on the Hangar Straight at Silverstone and on The Mountain Mile on the Islet of Men.
It is hoped that these can be installed before the forthcoming motobicycle races.
Whilst this may make a small dent in lap times, just think how much easier we will all be able to breath.

Have a lovely day.

IT IS A THING OF THE PAST!! This is a watched communist country now and every thing is monitored inc your vehicle brainboxes where all your riding shenanigans are logged for them to retrieve should they want to! Techno wins for the watchers!!

Remarkable that the Met Police can track a motorist for exceeding 20mph all the way through town, but a chemical attacker gets lost in minutes…

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Especially considering there are over 950,000 CCTV cameras in London. It’s estimated that people in the city are tracked around 70 times per day. Mass survveillance means everyone is always a suspect.