Make Over Speed Triple 1050

After owning my bike for 5 years now and enjoying every minute, its about time I gave it a make over.

Starting to show its age, (2015) wear on the coatings, etc. So after spending a couple of weeks, gathering paint, wet and dry, scouring pads, and considering all the options, I started work two weeks ago.

Spent a lot of time wondering how exactly I wanted the ‘new look’ to be.

So went for a blacker look and got a new gold chain and sprocket.

I think it looks fing amazing, and to be honest it handles like a new bike.

I wanted a more up to date feel and so, here’s the finished result…

Added a few extras, some protection and a screen, got an adapter for my Tank Bag and some mirror extenders , which are fantastic. Took off the pillion pegs, and added a comfort seat with cowl.

First chance for a decent run was this weekend when I took off yesterday morning for Isle of Skye,

not to many pics cos I was busy enjoying the scenery and bike in the moment. Got a lovely meal in Kileakin last night, and spent the night in a Bunkhouse before heading home this morning early doors.
Got as far as Loch Carron before the rain started, got heavier until at Nairn, I pulled over for a coffee and some shelter.
Got home an hour ago. Bike is fabulous truly a couple of Leagues above the Speed Triple, at least as good for comfort and pulls your arms out of their sockets when ever you fancy it. Great brakes, no wind, pulls in every gear, in fact I actually wonder if it needs gears at all.

Now I need to clean it, Perhaps one day we will get a self cleaning optional extra. How much more would you pay for that?



Chuffed for you James, belter of a bike! :+1:t2:

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Yes James, the new look bike is awesome :grinning:

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Good stuff James. Amazing that you’re able to turn a Speed triple into a Yamaha using just scouring pads! :laughing:


If Im honest there was a little more to it than that. :grinning: :smiley:
Its a Yamaha MT10.

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Very nice James! :grinning:

Pleased to see you kept the twin headlights. :laughing: :+1: :+1:

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They were spared because they pleased me. :expressionless:

Happy new bike day mate, even the logo has changed :rofl:


Thank you guys. Lets have a great summer.


Wishing you many happy miles on your new bike!!!

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Some of you might remember this guy from an other forum.

Got out today for a whole day managed just over 300 miles altogether.
I hadnt moved the Modes at all when I went away to Isle of Skye 2 weeks ago,for the night, had a great time but I wanted to actually experience the Modes over a long period to gain a understanding of the Traction Control and the Modes working with each other and separately. When on the higher settings you can feel the computers presence, perhaps a little like a stabiliser. Some one I was talking too said he felt it “numbed” his bike and I cant think of a better way to say it.
I was very impressed with the bike all around.
Then today I found out, what exactly I have bought!
With all Modes and Aids set to min I found a very different experience riding an untranquilised bike. :smiling_face: Everything is more than the Speed. Handling is way more. Acceleration is much more, Its quick. Comfortable, Agile, Composed . All the things I aint.

MPG 34 And only wants to be above the speed limit. I was using the cruise control to slow the beast down ffs.

And here we have a picture of the bike in its natural environment. :grin:

I do worry that the exhaust is very loud, I past one of my work mates today so I will question him and see what he thinks.
The DB killer is a new end for the exhaust and costs £200.00. so I may have to just live with it.
What a fantastic bike.


When you have a lot of power, ride modes have more effect and make more sense! They really do transform the bike and riding experience

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Once past Garve the A835 is a fantastic riding road. Jealous!

The amount of bikes out there yesterday, seems like we arnt the only ones who think so.

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@3speedlowslowgo And there I thought you were actually going to repaint the speed triple!