Man Cave / Workshop / Garage

This is what I’m aiming to have mine look like.

And I’d like this one at the front

Are you watching Santa? I’ve been good :slightly_smiling_face:


What happens when you want to ride the one in the middle? By the time you’ve extricated it, it’ll be time for tea.


Gosh… so many bikes… my own idea for a garage/workshop is not quite so voluminous! I’d settle with owning Jay Leno’s garage, there’s probably enough for me to enjoy there…


I use a roll around system. You’ll notice that the next one to go out has the front wheel turned in the opposite direction. When I come home it gets parked at the back of the shop ready for inspection/clean/maintenance etc. and I then wrap the seat in plastic to keep it nice. I then turn the next one’s wheel readily aimed at the door for a quick take off.
Simple really, also makes sure the mileage averages out over all the bikes.
Spares etc are held in the repair area (that you can see at the back) with a re-ordering system in place to ensure everything is always to hand when required. I’m known to rebuild/renew stuff just for the sheer joy of doing it.
I’m afraid I don’t ride the bikes nearly enough and have friends that borrow them off of me for a few weeks so the bikes get some exercise. I don’t have many friends. (This is, in fact, closer to the truth than you may think)
Thank you for your interest…over :upside_down_face:


You have clearly thought this through thoroughly and your plan seems sound as a pound. Please add me to your list of friends. :grin: