Marini to Repsol Honda for two years

Apparenly the official announcement is imminent, which would mean Qatar this weekend, presumably.

There are some good comments from other riders, including Joan Mir, so worth a read if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

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Surprising, but I guess it’s likely his only opportunity for a factory ride (and the cash). Will be even more surprising if VR46 sign Aldeguer, signing a non-Italian is against their ephos. And Digi is there waiting. :thinking:

Yeah, I can understand Luca’s logic there. If Honda get their bike sorted it could be a smart move. It’s a big ‘if’ though over the next two years based on recent history. Still, the only way is up for them right now.

VR46 haven’t been on the grid that long. It’s natural that they’d start with the talent from the academy but ultimately they have to have the best riders on their bikes, whereever they hail from.

Bezzechi probably deserves a Pramac ride.

Pramac ride was open for Bez if he wanted it, but he chose to stay with VR46 where he feels comfortable.
I feel Honda will benefit more from Luca than sadly he from Honda.
Still think VR46 should be sticking with Italians, it’s not like we’re short of Spaniards. :joy:

Oh yes, I’d forgotten about that. Why didn’t he take it, I wonder. Unless he just feels at home where he is. A happy ride is a fast rider, as they say.

Certainly in the short term. Marquez wasn’t impressed with the 2024 bike so Luca and Joan probably haven’t seen much action at the bookies for next year’s championship.

But we are short of Brits - give a Ducati to Jake! :grin:

Agreed, Jake is fast and learnt a few lessons this season. Next year is make or break for him as a genuine Moto2 title contender. Hopefully he’ll get a good Motogp opportunity in 2025.

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Meanwhile in Moto 2 American Racing have sacked Rory Skinner with a year left on his contract.

And if you want to see how NOT to win a world championship watch the Moto3 race at Qatar.
Disgusted :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Haven’t seen any of the Qatar races yet. Those Moto3 boys are always on the verge of getting out of hand. Quite literally a bunch of unruly teenagers.

Trying not to put any spoilers then.
Sad weekend for bike sport image.

It’s official.