Marquez to Gresini - confirmed!

A good result for one of the Repsol Honda’s in India but word seems to be growing that Marc will head over to Gresini next year, and presumably be trying to line up a factory ride soon after if that works out. Bastianni out in 2025, Martin to the factory team and Marc taking a seat at Pramac?

I’ve heard Marc Marquez ambition would be to get a factory KTM, but for next year Gresini responsable said they are in contact.
Looks like Honda gonna loose Marquez. Maybe it can be an opportunity for the brand to develop a new machine without Marquez particular riding style.
Next year will be really interesting. I’m already planning to get my tickets for the French MotoGP in May.


I’m a Marc Marquez fan, but would he ever find his way onto a factory works Ducati? Given his age and recent injury history his best days may well be behind him and they don’t exactly need him.

I think MotoGP still needs him, aside from Marquez it seems to lack any fear ‘superstars’ in the mould of Rossi, Stoner, Lorenzo etc.


I hadn’t heard the KTM rumour. Jack’s having a terrible time ther this year, I’m not sure why. I hiope he doesn’t lose his seat for 2025 but if they do want Marquez there’s no way they’ll let Brad go. Unelss they run a second factory supported team, like Pramac Ducati.

Keep an eye on Acosta. He could be the one to inherit the Marquez crown.

Perhaps it’s just because English isn’t Gigi’s first language but his comments, reported on Motorsport, do seem to lend weight to the fact that Marc is looking to get out of his contract with Honda.

Marquez will leave HRC at end of season, it’s now official.
Interesting to see what he will be able to do on another bike (Ducati?)

You’re not wrong…

“I’ve always said if Marc goes on a Ducati, the rest may as well not turn up,” Crutchlow said.

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It’ll be interesting to see whether he can still be a race winner on the Gresini Ducati. I wonder whether it will be the latest generation or a couple of steps back?

Perhaps part of the deal is to give him a 2024 spec bike, like the Pramacs.

Latest I’ve read it will be a 2023 and possibly not even the latest evolution the factory team end the year on.

Just watched the interview on He mentions that he’ll be riding a 2023 bike in 2024.

Gigi’s comments are interesting, says he is interested to see how MM does on “his” bike but seems to be going to great lengths to stress it’s a Gresini decision to contract him, “nothing to do with me”

If the future ruling of maximum 6 bikes per manufacturer goes ahead, and KTM get the extra 2 bikes they’ve been asking for then my bet is MM is gunning for a factory KTM ride in 2025.
It seems MM can’t take his crew chief to Gresini, rumour is Gigi doesn’t want Ducati secrets going to KTM. :thinking: :laughing: