Maxton Engineering

Has anyone had any experience with Maxton Engineering in Cheshire? I was at a Ducati dealer the other day (sorry) talking to their service manager about setting up suspension. He said they use Maxton a lot and are very happy with them.

Not used Maxton’s Saul. I had my Thruxton suspension set up by Ian Mackman.

He races and as I understand it does a lot of race setups. Not sure on whether he does Ducati though.
Might be worth a call :grinning:

Thanks, Steve. I’ll add him to the shortlist. It’s for my MV but suspension should be suspension.

I’ve had a few bikes converted with Maxton suspension, and always very happy with the results. My Busa has a rear shock, and they converted a pair of GSXR1000 K5 forks for it as well. My track day buddy has his TL1000R had the full set done on his from Maxton.
They are not cheap, but you get what you pay for.
But have you thought of giving MCT suspension a call and asking his advice? My current Speed Triple has had his magic worked on it, cost about £600 all in. Had to post the bits, but was done in a week or so. Maxton would cost about £1500 for their magic bits.

That’s great feedback, thanks. II should have said, it’s just the set-up on my MV I’m looking for rather than any new or rebuilt units. I will be looking for a new one for the Street Triple at some point though so I’ll bear MCT in mind.

44teeth on youtube was raving about the Maxtons he had years ago, in his latest vid.

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