Maybe we should not want a transition to electric motorcycles too quickly

Maybe common sense will prevail in the long run. Don’t think electric will impact my riding over the next few years until I eventually hang up my boots :grinning:


I think quite a few of us will have hung up our collective boots by the time this has a significant impact.

It only applies to brand new bikes so I suspect that we will all just hang on to whichever petrol engined bike we have at the time. The phrase “this one will see me out” will be quite common I think.

We’re also a long way off a satisfactory charging infrastructure - and that’s before most of us switch to electric cars. Manufacturers might be solving the “range anxiety” problem but finding a vacant charging station that works is the new headache.

The article makes a good point - imagine the frustration and anger of the entitled electric car drive when they discover a motorbike in “their” charging space.