MCN review of the 2024 Tiger

I’ve just been reading the MCN (weekly motorcycling newspaper in the UK, for those elsewhere) ‘first ride’ review in last week’s paper.

Apparently Triumph have modified the balance shaft, rubber-mounted the bars and reduced the engine vibration considerably (89% they say). The mirros don’t blur at cruising speed any more - MCN are calling it a “game changer”.

They’ve also added 1kg to the crank and flywheel assembly to sort out the problem with the bike stalling during u-turns, when the engine revs are low and you’re feathering the clutch. The level is a bit longer for extra control, as well. I suppose that may be a variable experience depending on the size of the rider’s hands.

Smaller changes - the footpegs have been raised a few millimeters, ticked them in to the bike a bit more and shortened the hero blobs. All in the name of avoiding grounding, which is also a bit more likely now they’ve added the ability to lower the rear preload by up to 20mm at the push of a button. The seat is also flatter and heated on the GT, like the Explorer.

Other than that, it’s as-you-were since the 2022 model changes. Overall a positive very review.

There’s a full online review on the MCN website.


My mate has one on order and cannot get a delivery date for it …!
Although with the weather we have now he wouldn’t be out on it much …!
Looks quite a weapon …!

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It would be interesting to hear what any 2022/2023 Tiger 1200 owners on the forum think of the new one by comparison. Good excuse for a test ride! :slight_smile:

Wim’s new bike? Hopefully every cloud has a silver lining.


When they make a Tiger SPORT 1200 for on road touring and drop the off-road pretensions I might get interested. Just my opinion. :slightly_smiling_face:
(+ l like a bike to look the dogs bollocks, not the dogs dinner. :laughing:)

I’ve said it here before, a 1200 Sprint like the old 1050 ST would be very appealing…!

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Tiger 1200 is a very nice bike, but too big and heavy for me. If Triumph came out with a proper sports tourer based on the Speed Triple 1200, I’d rush out and buy it.