Michael Dunlop - Legend

History made: Michael Dunlop becomes new Isle of Man TT record holder with 27 wins

‘‘I’m no better than Joey’’

“We should have been 28 [wins] and after sheer disappointment from the other night I wanted to make up for it,” said Dunlop to TV cameras after the race. “I’ll never be modelled against Joey and I don’t expect or want to be. Everybody’s inspired to be like Joey at the Isle of Man, and just to have another win is the tip of the top. It was a personal thing I wanted to break. I’ve broken a lot of records in my lifetime but that’s the one I wanted.”


Nobody can beat a Dunlop, except another Dunlop.


4 in a week, 29 total, pretty amazing! Should have been 5/30. And this is a guy who builds his own bikes with no factory support and massive budgets competing against the big factory teams! Lost his dad, brother and uncle to the sport. This is a true legend!