Missing images

I’m getting problems in other threads now @Octoberon (Saul)? I’ve not changed anything specifically on my phone other than a iOS update (16.6).
Nor seeing this problem on any other sites?

As far as I’m aware no one else is having the same problem but if anyone is, please let me know.

I’m also on iOS 16.6 so I don’t think it’s that. Can you check how much available memory you have on your phone? If it’s running out that can have some odd effects.

Have you tried rebooting the phone? Have you got another device you could try that’ll use the same network in your house or elsewhere?

Do you use a VPN? If so, can you try turning it off and reloading a forum page with missing pics.

Is it just new threads that are causing the problem or have older images been disappearing as well?

It seems to be on new posts in old threads as well as new ones?

Ok switched my phone on and off and it seems to have cleared the problem?

I also switched the vpn on and off.

By the way memory was not an issue.

Works every time :grin:

Glad to hear the problem has gone away. Let me know if you get any more trouble though.

Unfortunately it has returned. I opened the photo competition thread today and the only photo I can see is the second place one, the Thruxton?

What happens when you click on a photo that’s not showing?

There’s definitely something off Steve, as the Thruxton won first place… :laughing:

I’d try a clear cache and cookies on your browser. Do you have any adblockers installed that may be causing an issue (you don’t have to yes, just try disabling it if you do and see if that sorts it😉)?

Here is a screen shot.

Edit. This will not load either?

Edit. Sorted by switching off my vpn

Ok I have no problems with storage or memory on my phone. Clearing the cache made no difference or disabling the AdBlocker.
So I switched off my vpn and that has sorted it. Is this known issue with the site @Octoberon (Saul)?

@Octoberon (Saul) this site is the only one that my vpn is impacting seeing photo images? It does not happen on any other sites I use?

I’ll have to do some investigation. I use a VPN without any issues so it’s not going to be that straightforward. It thought it might be related to the new CDN I put in place when moving to cloud storage but your screenshot appears to be pulling the image thumbnail from the server, or trying to,.

Which VPN are you using?

Norton 360

I’ve had the Norton VPN active in the past (part of their av) and had issues with a site, sadly can’t remember which. I don’t use it anymore because of that.

Thanks, Steve. I’ll see if I can find a root cause for the problems you’re having. Might take a couple of days.

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Still looking in to this. I’ve posted the issue on the Discourse support forum, @Wessa .

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