Mobile Speed Cameras

Just thought you might like to know that West Mercia are apparently now using the latest hand held speed cameras as are Gloucestershire after a trial last year. My mate got done in a 30 driving his 4x4 tank by biker plod who didn’t stop him doing under 35 (so he claims) which if true means the 10% plus 2 tolerance isn’t being applied either. He’s since had the NIP and done the naughty boys course. They’re good (or bad depending which side of the gun you’re on) for up to 750m too. Be afraid…:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


The tolerance “thing” is a bit hit and miss, two people on my course 18 months ago were done for 33 and 34 mph respectively. I was done for 77.1 on the M4 a few years back and 78 dead a couple of years before that.

Way to go… developing technology and catching criminals! Because making easy targets even easier is just what we need to make the country a safer place :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

With a clear up rate of 4% of robbery and 6% of burglaries they must be proud.


It’s a total piss take, no wonder the public have no time for the police and justice system these days. Be a real criminal ad at worse you get a slap on the wrists though most of the time you’re never caught so it makes perfect “business” sense for them to carry on robbing, dealing drugs or worse. Drive dangerously without insurance or a licence and you don’t get caught because there arn’t enough plod. Meanwhile plod shoots fish in a barrel because it’s easier. Oooo you’re easy to trace because you have insurance a licence and the car is registered to you so open this NIP while you eat you breakfast. Boils my piss

Interestingly l came off the beach yesterday to see a Romanian car clamped and two plods waiting for the driver. When he turned up they started looking at the little VIN window in the screen, bonnet up, the whole nine yards. I suspect his VIN didn’t match his number plate, something l often wonder about at home as l see lots of Bulgarian and Romanian reg cars which are right hand drive… :unamused: proper police work if you ask me :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m doing a speed awareness course next Friday. BASTARDS.

Heard of a guy who did 105 in a thirty although the road was good for a good more mph’s than 30 as it used to be 60, it was a mobile unit. He never gave them the details of the rider so he got £1000 fine and six points for not disclosing. Now that’s steep but on the other hand he can still drive as he’s only got six points and he’s in charge of a vehicle recovery branch in a big city over here so it’s important he keeps his license.

If it’s that important he keeps his license, I wonder why he was doing 105 in a 30 in the first place?


My thoughts too. Even if it had still be a 60 he was still 45 over the limit and usually you get banned for 30 over. We’ve all done silly speeds if we’re honest, but most don’t do inappropriate speed in an inappropriate place at an inappropriate time. Bikers doing silly speeds usually only kill themselves, car drivers are a different matter


It’s one of those roads that was National speed limits years ago. There’s no houses there and it really is pointless council shit


So out on the ditchpump this afternoon and leaving Bewdley towards Kinlet was bikercop complete with his new hand held speed camera tucked under the trees almost out of sight to the oncoming traffic on the left which have grown more since google went past. It’s a 30 limit that starts about 50m past the top of the hill coming in the other direction. I gave him a cheery wave as I went past (under 30mph)

I don’t know of any accidents that have happened here so it looks like just another revenue stream.


Our busiest road, apart from the Gretna to Glasgow M74, is the A75 Gretna to Stranraer road, linking mainland UK to Northern Ireland. It’s mostly single carriageway, with relatively few safe opportunities to pass slow-moving tractors, caravans and HGVs. However, there are a few straight open stretches where it’s safe to overtake. Guess where Scotland’s finest always position their camera vans? Must be a nice little earner, but nothing to do with road safety.

But if you hit the corners at Skyreburn Bay at a quiet time… they’re feckin’ awesome :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

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Sssssh… Don’t give them ideas: I’ve never seen them there. :wink:

I’ve a mate who’s ex police firearms and he hates traffic cops. Calls them wankers! 1mph over and they do you. They’ve even admitted that it’s about making money. He once even got a speeding ticket whilst on duty 33 in 30mph at 4am. His boss said that they can bend the rules and say it was an emergency but my mate said it’s not fair to lie and he took it on the chin himself.

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Is true, my last speeding fine was around the A75 Dumfries ring road (81 in a 60) on my Mille. In my defence I was slowing for a roundabout :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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They do actually list the camera van locations on the internet: Dumfries and Galloway — Safety Cameras Scotland
They just don’t tell you when they will be where.
The good news is that, apart from the two locations in the village of Eastriggs, they are all on the trunk roads…

Yeah I know an ex-policeman and he said the same thing. Says the traffic cops stay on there own in the canteen too, nobody else eats with them.

My mate who got done in a 30 is an ex super dooper from West Midlands force and he’s said in the past they’re a strange bunch. They called the bikers the scruffies. It’s West Mercia here so quite rural and he said in the cities they don’t have time to mess about booking people for speeding as there’s too much serious crime going on. A lot of other coppers see them as a way of alienating the general public rather than something useful.

Must be nice sat there on a nice Sunday afternoon with your camea taking pictures of motorists on 40k a year! I thought plod started the “Safety camera partnerships” up using civies to distance themselves so maybe it’s more about money now than anything else.

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