Model LW “Junior”

Not sure where to put this really. My mate sent me this that is in the workshop of a local guy that rebuilds Vellocettes. Anyone know what model it is?

Apparently the DVLA have bought the reg number off the previous owner for £60 000!

It looks very like the popular Triumph Model H, introduced in 1915, but the H was a flat-tanker with a square-section petrol tank while this one is round, like the later round-tank BSA. Perhaps it’s an early Tribsa? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Will take your word for it :smile:

I know I’m getting on a bit, but I don’t actually remember these myself…

Nice Venom in the background, by the way. I certainly remember them: one just like that was my first big bike after passing my test.


The guy does a fantastic job on them. Makes many parts himself.

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Yes, I’ve seen his website. I could very easily be tempted to get another one. My experience with Venoms (I had three back in the day, incuding a pukka Thruxton) was that they would stand prolonged fast cruising without falling apart, unlike some other bikes of the period.

Tank, the owner runs a 350 regularly and does many miles. I suppose if you build them you know they are right :smile:

20 YG is on the DVLA Vehicle Enquiry website as a 225cc Triumph.

According to the internet, that makes it a Model LW “Junior” which was manufactured from 1914 to 1925.


Good work, sir😄