More little-known Cumbria

A free day today, and the weather was dry and bright, if a bit windy, so I thought I’d have a ride to a part of Cumbria I hadn’t visited for two or three years. The first twenty miles or so from home had suffered from extensive new surface dressing, so I had to ride carefully, avoiding the lavish quantities of loose gravel.

Crossing the border at Gretna, I headed for Longtown and then across country to Brampton. There’s a nice quiet road which heads south from Brampton alongside the western edge of the Pennines, running through or past a string of unspoiled old villages: Castle Carrock, Cumrew, Croglin, Renwick.

( I used to take this road to the Hartside Cafe, which had amazing views westwards across the plain to the Lake District hills. A favourite stopping place for bikers and cyclists, it burned down about five years ago, but I believe it is now being rebuilt.)

Anyway, after Croglin I followed the road through Kirkoswald and Lazonby, eventually connecting with the old A6 north of Penrith. Kirkoswald is particularly attractive, with its old houses closely clustered together along the steeply sloping main street.

The A6 led me to the Golden Fleece roundabout just south of Carlisle, where, fifty years ago ( :grimacing:) I managed to drop my T150 Trident. (Going too fast along A6, saw roundabout too late, braked hard, hit loose gravel on edge of roundabout, locked front wheel…) Nodding familiarly to the current patch of loose gravel in exactly the same place, I turned on to the M6 for the border.

By the time I reached Dumfries, the sun had come out again, and the rest of my ride home was very pleasant, apart from having to negotiate the surface dressing loose gravel once more…


Lovely pics and ride report mate…

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It really is a different part of the uk up there. Nice pics shame you dropped the bike though


Well, it was a very long time ago. Neither I nor the bike came to any very serious harm. It taught me about loose gravel, though!