More Trackday pics

Thought I’d put a few trackday pics up from previous Trackdays in Spain etc.

Cartagena 2019

Took the Speed Triple on this one, first trackday for about 15 years…

The Speed’s rear tyre didn’t last long…

Martyn just coming on to the main straight.

And relax

Almeria 2021

First time released on to the track for the Street Triple

Martyn just clearing the decks for the next round…

At least you know where to go when desperate.

There is the odd spot of rain down there (this is the one lot I’ve seen since I started going down)

It soon clears up though.

Nice drive to the track.

All ready to go.

Can’t get my knee down but toes are no problem.

The suits need to be aired regularly.

Still riding like a road rider, bolt upright and no leaning off :roll_eyes:

A bit more relaxing.

Then it’s time for the drive to the airport


They are some real memories, thanks for sharing :grinning:

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