Morning all

Just joined. I’ve been on the other side for a few years but have signed in here as well. Just got to work out how it all works and how to manage my time so I’m not on these here forums all day.
Have two bike. Triumph Speed Triple 1050 RS and an MV F4 1000R.
I’ve been riding since I was 16 , now 58. Had loads of bikes but have ended up with these two and I love them to bits.


Welcome in


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Hello Oldskool. Did you manage to engineer a workable solution for the restricted manouevering space in your bike garage?

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Currently using brute force and ignorance…
The doors I have to wiggle through are 15 mm narrower than the bars. It’s a bit like a horizontal limbo….up a ramp and jiggle it a bit…


Oh, I like that arrangement :+1:

I’ve always fancied the idea of keeping my bike in my conservatory - if I could figure out how to get it in there.

The Speed Triple is very nice, the MV is gorgeous. Lovely couple of bikes.

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I use my conservatory as a garage when doing major work on the bike, problem is, when there is any sun it gets really hot (I’ve measured 45C!). It can also get rather cluttered up with Mrs Mouse’s plants as it doubles as her greenhouse.


Lovely bikes, the MV is a real stunner!


Hi, lovely couple of bikes.