Moto Guzzi

Some several years ago I bought a C15 (BSA don’t ya know) and immediately had to get it running and repaint the tank with a Johnny Reb flag and airbrushed desert island sunset scenes. Lovely it was not.

It leaked so much oil that it was difficult to see the traffic lights change colour due to the clouds of smoke coming off the engine when it wasn’t actually moving. Once, two up, going up a slight incline, we were actually overtaken by a Puch Maxi moped! It inched passed us while we shouted insults to each other.

Did ya’ll know that Triumph investigated the building of not only the Steyr-Daimler Puch moped but also their Tunturi exercise treadmill. I don’t know if any were actually assembled.

But Triumph really did build these for several years

Around 600 of the Co-Uno were built and sold

So they are quite rare. And at £369 when new, cor…well…erm…


Snigger… :grimacing:

That’s interesting - I’ve never heard of that model, despite being a bit of a Guzzi fan. I just googled the Co Uno, and came up with this entry from Bonhams:

(Click on at the top left, and the whole entry should come up.)


Not me favourite Guzzi either… How about this…


As a Guzzi fan but not a Meriden fan, it’s a “Jesus Christ burn it with fire”! from me