MotoGP Catalunya Race Classifications

@ducatitotriumph Not the most exciting race but two moments of high drama! Poor Aleix. He was inconsolable when he got back to the garage.

We just watched, difficult viewing :anguished:.

Its a second for the team (realistically) but imagine if it goes down to the wire…

It could but Fabio is very strong. If he keeps up this form he’ll be untouchable.

Feeling sorry for aleix at the moment. Brilliant ride but omg!

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Yes, I feel for him, such a nice guy. Not the first rider to make that mistake though, bet he won’t be doing that again!!
Perhaps we need bigger/better checkered flag indication.
He said it was a problem seeing his pit board so close to last corner.
I think in the past there’s also been a few doing an extra half lap before they realised it’s finished, safety implications there.

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@Octoberon I’m sure only post 1 & 6 were showing before I post #7… just a glitch?

Not a glitch, just me tidying up. :slight_smile: I moved the posts to this topic from the qualifying one as the event with Aleix happened then in the race.

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