Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) announces a new offer to help protect bikers facing the expanding ULEZ charge

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The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) announces a new offer to help protect
bikers facing the expanding ULEZ charge. MAG deal offers members a
risk-free method to check if their older bike is compliant. MAG urges
riders not to scrap serviceable bikes without first checking whether
they are actually compliant.

MAG fiercely opposed the ULEZ charge for motorcycles from the day it was
first suggested. Motorcycles help reduce overall emissions by reducing
congestion. MAG proved that the majority of pre-Euro 3 motorcycles are
compliant with the actual emissions standard for exemption from the
charge. Sadiq Khan relented and agreed to a system to allow individual
vehicles to be tested for their actual emissions level and registered as
exempt if they meet the standard.

Pre-2007 motorcycles can meet the emissions criteria. If a bike
produces less than the 0.15 g/km NOx limit Transport for London (TfL)
has set, older bikes are exempt - as long as owners can prove their low
NOx emissions.

Many riders have since proven that their pre-Euro 3 motorcycle is
compliant and registered for exemption from the charge. The individual
testing of bikes could originally only be carried out at a single
registered testing station. Now there are three, all charging £175 for
the test with a £75 re-test fee.

Situated close to Greenwich in South London, The Test Centre is run by
Ian Wills. He has invested in a dyno and sourced a new exhaust gas
measuring device. Bikes are placed on the dyno, run through the test of
various drive cycles (which involves idling, acceleration and
deceleration), and an average is then taken. Much like an MOT, the
result is a straight pass or fail.

Ian Wills (Director of The Test Centre) says:

“Well-maintained, properly set-up and cared-for bikes stand a much
better chance of meeting the standard and passing the test. If a bike
passes the test, we upload the results straight to the TfL database and
your bike is registered by TfL as exempt the next working day. We are
finding most bikes are passing without any work.”

Ian Wills is making a “no pass, no fee” offer to all MAG members. This
means that there is no financial risk involved in checking if your bike
is compliant. The £175 fee will only be chargeable if the bike passes,
and there will be no re-test charge should a little work be needed to
get the bike through.

For more information, or to book a test for your bike, go to

Not already a MAG member? – join here; it costs less than three days of
ULEZ charges! The compliance test equates to 14 days of ULEZ charges
and only applies if your bike passes the test.

MAG is continuing to fight against the proposed expansion of the ULEZ
charging zone. Sadiq Khan is determined to extend the zone to cover the
entire London region in August this year. The plans have met huge
resistance from voters and even many of the Borough Councils.
The expansion will impact large numbers of additional riders, many of
whom may only ever ride away from Central London on their motorcycles.

Contact MAG at 01926 844 064 or