Motorcycle Live 2022 - Who's going when?

Motorcycle Live at the NEC will be upon (most of) us next month. A few people have said they plan to go so I thought it could be an opportunity for people to meet up if you’re feeling sociable. :grin:

We were going on 26th but @Motopulcino has double-booked herself so we’re still planning to attend but not sure which day yet. Might be a weekday as it’s less busy.

Edit this post or put in the replies and I’ll keep it updated.

Saturday 19th


Sunday 20th

Monday 21st`

Tuesday 22nd

Octoberon (+ friend)

Wednesday 23rd

Thursday 24th

Friday 25th


Saturday 26th

Sunday 27th

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Friday 25th for me I think …

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Not bothered about that but I’ll be doing Stafford show this weekend

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Too bad, I’ll be in Birmingham in December.
I’ll check for next year to make it match with my travel.

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Just bought a couple of tickets. It’s getting quite expensive for what is mainly a day out looking at bikes. We’ll see if it justifies the cost this year.

First saturday for me

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Did u go last year? I thought it was really good

I did go last year. I enjoyed the show and it was especially worth it after the whole Covid episode. But there were a few manufacturers missing. I hope it isn’t a trend, especially given the current economic woes.

True forgot about that Yamaha being one of them, which surprised me.
Looking at this years listings Yamaha are returning but no sign of Aprilia.

I have been offered a free ticket; Friday 25th for me I think.

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One more for Tuesday.

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