Motorcyclists not keen on Operation Snap

In this opinion piece, MAG’s Colin Brown explains why motorcyclists are not overly supportive of Operation Snap – instead favouring “greater roads policing by impartial police forces”.

Must admit I have a dasd cam in my car and I also have a drift ghost that I sometimes use on the bike. I have never considered submitting footage to the police following stupid behaviour by other road users, but would definitely use footage in the event of an accident. Especially if the accident is not my fault.

That’s where I draw the line, too. I don’t have any cameras but not for any reason than I just haven’t bothered yet. For obtaining the facts in an accident I can see the usefulness but I have no intention of becoming part of a nationwide mobile CCTV network.

Not many of us have an Uncle with a farm.


Or a red barchetta. That song will be in my head for the rest of the day now. :grin:

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