Murrays Carbs

Just found these today.…arburetor-kit/

Wasnt looking, they came up on another site. Anyone have any experience with them?

Had some mixed imfo, one good, some others bad. Not bad about the product, more sceptical Id say. The guy Murray seems to be head strong. Most responses seem doubtful, and I do tend to think at that price, just rebuild your old ones.

Is she still not running sweet? I thought you had got to the bottom
of it.

I’ve no personal experience but the name cropped up a lot when i was building my custom CX500. He offers a kit for them but many (Americans) on the forum i was on seemed to think he was the carburettor god :grimacing:

By the way, is yout avatar one of the robots from Silent Running?

Yeah it was interesting is all my carbs are good.(I think)
She is good atm there was a oil leak from the Cam chain tensioner, that I had to replace the o rings and seals for, while I was there I replaced the oil seals for the starter, the oil pressure switch, and checked the crank seal on the alternator side. Going out today, ran it yesterday and seems good.

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Yes it is. Dont know if its Huey, Dewey or Louie. too many years since I watched it.
Murry offers a discount on the CX500 forum which must help his standing.

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Great film, Steve. And you cant tell me they weren’t the inspiration for this guy…


At the end of the first film he floats off by himself and Hay Presto the start off the Walli movie there he is by himself. Like an unofficial sequel, I think.

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Great film, but pissed off with Bruce Dern for being careless and crashing into one of them!

See how you’ve managed to derail your own thread! :joy:

Yeah me too, funny how annoyed i was for so long Hahaha.

Never mind the derail. What do you think of my sequel theory?

It has to be true :sunglasses:

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Very nice!


Very bloody nice that man. Silver and black, timeless and dead cool.

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