MV revival…

So today I will try to install a new battery on the MV. Have taken the old one off a a few days ago and got the new one from a local suppliers. The last one I bought about 5 years ago was £60.00 and this one was £95.00.
I spent circa a £1000 on a major overhaul last year and just haven’t got round to starting the MV as I’ve been enjoying the Speed Triple.
Need to tax it MOT it and get a few trips in on it.
Fingers crossed it starts after a year of inactivity…
And fingers crossed the weather holds into Autumn…


If you need someone to ride it for you… :thinking:

Bike looks gorgeous :slightly_smiling_face:

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You have to take some of the fairing and the tank off my MV to get to the battery, I believe. Thankfully they put a charging plug under the seat hump…witha proprietary connector so you can only use the supplied charger, not an Optimate. Bloody prima donna.

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Italian bikes are the best!

Mine has the Optimate extension leads wired in for the optimate. They do seem to work incredibly well , I’ve got one on the Triple as well . Saves a fortune in new batteries …!


Yeah, after losing two batteries to the immobiliser on my Triumph I bought a dual Optimate. Those batteries aren’t cheap!

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So, a thorough clean and check over ensued.
I had the MV serviced and overhauled with new fluids and tyres in March 2021 but only rode it a couple of times in 2021 due to the Speed Triple being my new toy. Hadn’t ridden it at all this year until today.
A new MOT test was needed so checked it all over this morning before taking it to have its test this pm. It was all working fine in my garage but when I got into the test centre, as soon as the tester said “ main beam” the bulb blew…FFS….
A fail.
Had to get the bulb out of the back of the fairing and of course it’s not a straight forward one to source.
Found one on line and now await delivery to get the retest done.
But I did get to ride it to and from the test centre, I’d forgotten how fast this thing is once you get it spinning….
I’d also forgotten how different the brakes are, 6 pot pistons, very slow response, compared to the Brembos on my RS.
Also had to retrain my brain to use the clutch through the gears and back down the box.
It’s 18 years old now and newer bikes show how things progress but it’s still an amazing bit of kit…


@Oldskool that bike is a thing of beauty.


I’d be more than happy to have that just sat in my conservatory so that I could look at it every day :sunglasses:


Gorgeous looking bike :grinning:

Have to agree, that is a beauty :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks all. It really was an ambition to own one from the moment I first saw one at the Birmingham bike show.
Never, ever thought I would get to a position where I could afford one, but slowly I got there. I’ve owned it for 17 years and still get excited when I take it out from under its covers…
It does feel very special to ride even if it is a little raw edged. That’s part of the attraction.
It’s just been a very naughty boy in failing it’s MOT…


You can do an H4 or H7 conversion on that.