MV service time

It’s time for the Superveloce to have a service and its first MoT. They grow up so fast. :smiling_face_with_tear:

While I’m waiting I’ve had a mooch around the showroom at Bennetts in Barnsley.

MV are trying to give Ducati’s DesertX a run for its money by the look of it. Good luck with that.

I haven’t ridden any of them but the designers at MV have created some beautiful nakeds.

If you need something a bit more old-school sports that will turn a few heads, there’s always this reminder of what Benelli used to turn out with this 2005 Tornado LE. It has just over 5k miles on the clock and is a snip at, er, £24,995.

Back with the MVs, if the plain ol’ Superveloce (like mine) just isn’t eye-candy enough, there’s always one of these special Ago editions. Only 311 made. Top spec Ohlins, forged aluminium triple clamps with a CNCed alloy steering damper mount and oodles of carbon-fibre. How much? If you have to ask…


My mate just had his 800 brutale in there as it wouldn’t start. The diagnosis was water had got into the fuel system due to E10 fuel warping the plastic tank meaning the seal was failing!

That’s not good. Was it rated to accept E10?

Don’t know, it’s a 2014 model so I would imagine so.

The trail color theme reminds me the Cagiva Elephant.

Benelli are now full chinese bike isn’t it?
One with too large aluminuim paniers and an idiot on it damaged my wife’s car as we drove out of Rammstein’s concert last saturday :sweat_smile: I don’t like Benelli’s


Ram-mstein indeed. :grin:

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I think E10 has perished my F4’s fuel pipes. I’ve still
Got to get it sorted . Other issues took priority…!

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Very probable. I know of lots of problems with lawnmowers, generators etc.
I only put E5 in my bikes unless there is no option.

I never used to bother with the “super” fuels before, but when E10 came in I was noticing the performance difference so always use E5 now when I can find it.
IMO even E5 can have issues on some bikes if stood for a while (eg over winter months). Back in 2014/15 when I was having fuel gauge sender units replaced multiple times on my Multistrada the tech reckoned it was mostly a problem on low mileage bikes sat with the same fuel for a few months.
Had no problems with our Speed & Street Triples, but then they’re metal tanks, still have a few plastic parts in the fuel system though.
I’ve seen the occasional report that difficulty in replacing the top panel on my BMW S1000XR is down to slight swelling of the plastic tank beneath.

It has caused similar problems for the V Twin Aprilias, warping the tanks and needing a seal mod for the fuel pumps :triumph:

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I use e10 in both my bikes and the car. Haven’t had any problems to date (hoping I haven’t jinxed it now). lol

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so far the E10 doesn’t stay too much in the fuel system/tank, etc it’s fine.
The issue with ethanol is as it stays for weeks. Ethanol captures moisture.