My bike wont start first time

Hi all, thanks for the invite to the forum.
I have a 2004 triumph speed triple 955i and its haveing issues with not starting first time, i thought that it was the regulator as it was burnt out so i replaced it and unfortunately that was not the issue.
The bike will crank over but just wont start first time, when its been running it will start but not from a cold start, any thoughts im now thinking the srarter relay, any advice would be great.


Switch on then, switch on kill switch, listen to pump prime, switch off and repeat. Then fire. If it starts better then I would look at fuel filter.

Thank you ill give that a go when i next get a chance, if its just a simple fix then that would be ideal.

Does it also run a bit rough for a few minutes once started, but fine starting and running once warm? If so, this is a good sign that valve clearances may have closed up to zero. Have you had valve clearances RELIABLY checked recently?

This is from personal experience, some years ago I had a 955i SprintST with this problem, it turned out that the dealer that supposedly checked clearances less than a year previous obviously hadn’t.
An independent guy diagnosed it a possibility, checked and corrected clearances and poor starting was cured.

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So ye it just recently had a full service and MOT done about a month ago and the dide said the clearances were within clearance, he did say that one was getting close, but he said that he was trying to keep the price down for me cause i was already quite extencive lol.

Probably not that then (assuming the guy is trustworthy :slightly_smiling_face:). In my case there was zero clearance on quite a number of valves, 15-20 years ago now so can’t remember the full details of whether inlet or exhaust etc.
More recently chatting to a Kawasaki technician he claimed to use that bad starting symptom as a gauge to whether bother checking clearances on older low value bikes (was talking about a zx6) where it’s such a pig/expensive job to do.

Ye well not sure who i can trust these days to be honest as everyone is just out ta make money from the wee guy lol but im going ta have a look at the fuel filter to start with and see were i go from there as thats a reasonable fix.

One of the things we’re keen on here is our trusted community knowledge. That’s why we have our places map and the Roads to Ride and (most relevant) Dealers & Repair Shops sections.

If you let us know where you would be likely to go with your bike someone may have previous experience that could provide some reassurance.

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Not going any were for now but will hopefully be out and about in the next few weeks.