My Trip Abroad

Reading all the travel posts about trips to foreign parts, I just had to make my own trip abroad. The trouble was, I only had today available, so I headed south eastwards and crossed the border into England. It’s not a bad country to visit: they speak a language quite like ours, and can be made to understand if one speaks slowly and loudly enough. They also drive on the same side of the road, which is a safety bonus.

Joining the A69 at Brampton, I rode eastwards to Greenhead, and then joined the B6318, which runs eastwards beside what remains of Hadrian’s Wall. It’s a long straight switchback of a road with wide open views in all directions, and the remains of numerous Roman forts and mile castles, as well as the wall itself. It’s a road well worth visiting, and there were plenty of bikes out enjoying it in the sunshine. (Sorry, no pics as SWMBO had borrowed my phone.) Anyway, I eventually got safely home after 175 miles with a big grin on my face, having been abroad and having seen some impressive Italian architecture without the bother of riding all the way to Italy. Not a bad day out.


Sounds like you had a great trip. Northumberland is a beautiful county with some brilliant roads. :grinning:

Hadrians Wall tour is on my to-do list.


You made it out at last :grinning: I think I was on that road one year returning from a GMU. I defently ran parallel to Hadrain’s wall for a good few miles, just to the south side of it, about a fields width off it.


That sounds like the one , Andy. No bends, but arrow-straight and big scenery.

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