Name that engine

It’s the competition that absolutely no one is talking about! Guess the engine!


Not an NR500 perchance? Only oval piston engine I can remember.

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Perchance it is not.

NR750 Honda. Spamcan pistons…


Clearly that was too easy. Well done, @Oldskool .

Well, I got him two thirds of the way there… :grinning:

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yes easy, a semi NR750. Honda with the RC30 and the NR750 made bikes we (almost) all dreamed about

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There’s a snooker player with a NR750 i seem to remember?

Admire the engineering but it had a whole raft of issues and I’m hondaphobic

I guess it’s your go @oldskool… give us a puzzler

Try this one …

I was looking at one of those 3 or 4 years ago when I was over at that big show in England. Stafford show? I can’t 100% remember. Lovely bike!

Rg500 Suzy?


Or sheens 750.

Ok @Octoberon im stumped over that head you displayed………

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NR750 see above :point_up:

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That pretty uch answered the questions I had about why the oval piston engines didn’t work out.

Try this one…


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Did this one get answered??