Nevertheless, l was on the N-260 yesterday

We’re wending our way to Santander, so yesterday l managed a stretch of the N-260, albeit in my crappy Nissan. We’re having two nights in Broto, a really good alternative to Jaca in my view. Just been up past Torla to the trailhead car park, which is feckin rammed. Try a bit later and have a quick stroll along the valley floor, at least.


+1 recommendation for Broto, stopped at the Hotel Pradas some years ago now. Ideal base for a few days rides in the mountains. Take note of any tunnel closures though, we didn’t, it can make for a VERY long detour, we only just got back for last orders at the restaurant! “Pigs knuckles” I recall, at least that’s what the English/Spanish dictionary translated it to. :rofl:


We’re in the Pradas ourselves mate. Going for a pizza by the river. You can fuck pig’s knuckle right off :smile:

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Can’t go wrong with a pizza. :yum: :+1:
It was 12 years ago so I’m afraid I can’t remember if we risked it (I doubt it), but the weird translation stuck in my mind. :smile:
Back then being more rural and off the more usual tourist destinations I remember no one spoke any English so the English/Spanish dictionary got plenty of use (no smart phones back then). Provided entertainment for all concerned. :joy:
Interested to know if they’ve had any English lessons since then?


Years ago we stayed in Colmar and not knowing any better l ordered carpaccio. Nowt wrong with a bit of beef, thinks l. How was l to know they would bring a plate of raw minced beef with a fried egg on top? Looked more like a miscarriage than a bloody dinner…:grin:

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Brits abroad eh? :roll_eyes:

I definitely relate to those Peter Kay anecdotes. :joy:
“Garlic bread!!”

Looking fit and healthy there Alan but I can’t help thinking you’re a bit of a show off lifting your leg so high. :grinning:

If you can, you can.

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I am the Lionel Blair of hillwalkers. Could have been a Tiller girl in another life :smile:

I was in Torla donkeys years ago - no car park there then. The walking in Ordesa was fantastic.


Hi Wim, been following your trip on TTF. Shame l missed you, but there we are. I think we’ll go back to Ordesa for a bit longer stay next time. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wim (@vulpes) and me road a good part of the N260 between Jaca and Seu D’urgell, a brilliant ride.

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Hi Steve, I think that stretch is probably the pick of the whole road, personally, gets better as you get east, as I recall. :slightly_smiling_face:

Came down from France and did the whole length starting at Llanca by the East coast a couple of weeks ago (16th?) just after the French hailstone storm had passed by. Didn’t think there was too much to write home about until reaching Ripoli. Stopped off at Hotel la Sèquia Molinar with secure underground parking and also found a great place to eat recommended by and filled with locals; S’ha acabat el bròquil.
The road west from Ripoli from the Hotel just got better all the time. If I was to do it again I’d probably stay somewhere near or in Sabinanigo, head to Ripoli for lunch and than turn back to go the other way.