Nevertheless, l was on the N-260 yesterday

We’re wending our way to Santander, so yesterday l managed a stretch of the N-260, albeit in my crappy Nissan. We’re having two nights in Broto, a really good alternative to Jaca in my view. Just been up past Torla to the trailhead car park, which is feckin rammed. Try a bit later and have a quick stroll along the valley floor, at least.


+1 recommendation for Broto, stopped at the Hotel Pradas some years ago now. Ideal base for a few days rides in the mountains. Take note of any tunnel closures though, we didn’t, it can make for a VERY long detour, we only just got back for last orders at the restaurant! “Pigs knuckles” I recall, at least that’s what the English/Spanish dictionary translated it to. :rofl:


We’re in the Pradas ourselves mate. Going for a pizza by the river. You can fuck pig’s knuckle right off :smile:

Can’t go wrong with a pizza. :yum: :+1:
It was 12 years ago so I’m afraid I can’t remember if we risked it (I doubt it), but the weird translation stuck in my mind. :smile:
Back then being more rural and off the more usual tourist destinations I remember no one spoke any English so the English/Spanish dictionary got plenty of use (no smart phones back then). Provided entertainment for all concerned. :joy:
Interested to know if they’ve had any English lessons since then?


Years ago we stayed in Colmar and not knowing any better l ordered carpaccio. Nowt wrong with a bit of beef, thinks l. How was l to know they would bring a plate of raw minced beef with a fried egg on top? Looked more like a miscarriage than a bloody dinner…:grin:

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Brits abroad eh? :roll_eyes:

I definitely relate to those Peter Kay anecdotes. :joy:
“Garlic bread!!”

Looking fit and healthy there Alan but I can’t help thinking you’re a bit of a show off lifting your leg so high. :grinning:

If you can, you can.

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I am the Lionel Blair of hillwalkers. Could have been a Tiller girl in another life :smile:

I was in Torla donkeys years ago - no car park there then. The walking in Ordesa was fantastic.


Hi Wim, been following your trip on TTF. Shame l missed you, but there we are. I think we’ll go back to Ordesa for a bit longer stay next time. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wim (@vulpes) and me road a good part of the N260 between Jaca and Seu D’urgell, a brilliant ride.

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Hi Steve, I think that stretch is probably the pick of the whole road, personally, gets better as you get east, as I recall. :slightly_smiling_face: