New bike day - The Sprint GT has arrived!

Popped down the M1 today (mile after mile of grey misery and boredom) to collect the Sprint GT now it’s all serviced and whatnot. Huzzah!

A dry, if unexciting, ride back home and I’m happy with the choice to go with the GT. It’s smooth, got enough power, comfortable and handles well.I look forward to having many more miles together.

And no, that’s not my motorhome. :smile:


Nice looking bike, and a beautiful colour. The general outline reminds me of my old ZZR 1100. It was scary in strong side winds, so I hope the Sprint is OK.


Looks sweet as a nut… more than capable for the job in hand

Looks good, any special trips planned for it?

That top box looks huge.

I kept clocking the top box in my mirrors and thinking it was a car. :laughing: I’ll get used to it.

The big Europe trip is still lurking if I can pull the money together and get the time away from the job. That’s primarily why I wanted a bike to tour one


Happy new bike day :smile: Here’s to many great trips :smiling_face::beer:

Waiting for you in Italy for a :beer::beer::beer:


Nice looking bike and a good colour, blue or silver seems to be more common.
Great bike for touring.

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You’re on! :beers: :grin:

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Looks a goodun, enjoy !

Lovely example, enjoy.

Happy new bike day :sunglasses:

Nice colour and should serve you well. I did look at the GT when I returned to biking in 2015, along with the Tigers but the weight put me off as I’m only a weakling dwarf.

It is quite heavy. I’m tall enough for it but maybe should spend a bit more time in the gym, seeing as I have a sedentary job.

No need for the gym work, just move the bike around every day. If you have a garage try and fit it in the hardest place, that certainly gives me a good work out every time I take the trophy out or put her away! Just plan it into your ride because you’ll need a break after just to towel down… :laughing:

Dunno what you’re complaing about @SueDenim rode her Trophy to one of the GMUs and she never moaned once about its weight …

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It’s manageable enough on the flat. I wouldn’t want to have to pick it up, though.

Gave it a quick clean to get 100 miles of dirt off ready for a dousing with ACF50 the next time it’s dry enough to wheel it out of the garage. Next up, finding a mount for the TomTom and wiring in the heated jacket,

I swapped my Yamaha TDM 900 for my current Street Twin after the Yam blew over off its stand in a gale and I found I couldn’t pick it up on my own. :grimacing: I was a mere stripling of 69 at the time, and I often ride in places where there’s nobody else around to help, so being able to pick up in the event of a drop is pretty important, to me at least.

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Not sure how similar my old '08 ST was to your GT (I think the GT has slightly higher bars?) but these old photos are how I mounted the Zumo I had at that time.

04GPS riders view
03GPS mount rider view
02GPS mount
01GPS mount
06GPS connr un-latched


Very nice bike.