New cruiser on the block… BMW

BMW R12 cruiser I’ve just stumbled on with a low seat . Obviously a competitor for the Harley, Indian and Triumph

Not sure about that, particularly in that colour.

I am a bit underwhelmed by it.

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754mm seat height…
@Littleade will be trading that new RS already!! :scream:
:wink: :laughing:

All I can say is … :fu:

I sort of don’t get BMW cruisers TBH. If you’re going down that route get a Harley or an Indian as they’re the originals, all the others are just copies. It’s the flip with Adventure bikes. If you want one of those BMW is the original, with Harley at the other end of the spectrum trying to muscle in on a segment of the market that doesn’t suit their brand.

The R12t though looks a great bike, though @Tigcraft won’t like it as it’s got too much technology on it. It’s bloody expensive too

Yep Ade you are correct! Is it an improvement or is it just like any modern spec bike that nearly rides itself?

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I was all set to agree…
And then you spoilt it by adding the second paragraph. :face_vomiting:

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That’s not to my taste at all but I would think it might be popular with people intimidated by large cruisers perhaps.

I was in a BMW dealership today and the R12 caught my eye. I thought it looked rather good. More street bike than cruiser to me. I prefer the look to the RnineT (sorry @Tigcraft )

No need to apologise as I’m settled with mine and accept we’ve all got different desires.

I’m not into Panzers anyway, but that looks hideous.

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There’s something not right about that rear mudguard, can’t get these out of my head now.


Aftermarket 1970s custom steel mudguard for generic bodged choppers!

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