New, from New York

My Christmas present from New York
A 1980 Shovelhead project joining the queue

They’re not talking to each other yet but prospects are that these two on the picture will have to get along

Looks to be a rebuilt Shovel engine with an S&S bottom end. Just good looking classic engine. The last of the proper V twins IMO…

Nice Thunderstar front wheel with the cast in Harley logo and a PM calliper…

Rather splendid looking springers…

…and a solid rear Sportster wheel from the early 2000s.

Started up ok (with the miles too small battery but it cranked over ok) a bit fast idle but easily sorted with that nice new Killer CV carb. (bit noisy though).
Lots of work (and money I expect) to do on this but planning on it being a keeper I think. Brrrrrrrrrrrm…thankyou, welcome, over… :slightly_smiling_face:


It does look in remarkably good condition for a ‘project bike’.

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Really not my taste, but a it’s a nice object to look at. Happy new bike day !

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Thanks Chaps. Tis pretty and looks to be in good condition for a 40 plus year old bike. I’m looking forward to getting this one on the ramp…


That does look good - I’d be impressed if one of my finished projects looked like that :rofl:

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