New kid on the block

I only fairly recently quit the part time, occasional job I had with the local MBz dealership but, in the last couple of years the group had also taken on franchises for Chinese auto makers GWM/BYD so I got to drive a couple of them. Despite some - ermmmmmm - ‘challenging’ styling aspects of some of the vehicles, the general build quality, finish and features of the few vehicles I did drive were, to say the least, impressive. That’s particularly true of the BYD (‘Build Your Dreams’) models which, it seemed to me on a brief drive, stood up well to comparison to the German counterpart with which it was meant to contend.

So, I wasn’t greatly surprised when a close friend in America sent me this link to an article about Chinese motorcycle manufacturing :-

China’s 8-cylinder, 2-liter megatourer heralds a global motorcycle conquest (

It would be SO easy to rip the proverbial piss out of some - many - aspects of the styling and execution of this particular model but, there is, I think, a serious, underlying note to consider here. I’m sure that anybody here old enough to have had experience of (or even an interest in) motorcycling in the early sixties might recall the open derision and almost contempt with which the burgeoning Japanese motorcycle imports were treated. Their products were laughably cheap and flimsy and seemed to be made of metal that would corrode almost overnight and, whilst the motor might run for ever, the wonderful atmosphere of, in particular, industrial areas (remember those? Yep, we HAD industries, then!) was seemingly capable of quickly dissolving anything but the best, well treated, well coated and well protected metal product carelessly exposed!

We ALL know how that particular story ends - certainly as far as the motorcycle industry is concerned. It seems to me entirely plausible that we’re seeing something of a contemporary rerun of a not dissimilar scenario in the motor car industry with China now poised to dominate car manufacturing and sales on a global scale.

Finally, anyone else intrigued by the front fork design on this particular behemoth?


Can’t get over why someone wants such a mass of double decker bus nimbleness on two wheels

The Chinese doing what they routinely do - copy.
I bet Honda are a bit miffed, looks like the latest Goldwing with a couple of extra cylinders tacked on.
(Perhaps they subbed it out to Allen Millyard) :rofl:
And don’t get me started on Chinese IP violations.

Don’t know if that “super Goldwing” works well. But CFM motorcycles are doing kind of BMW that are working. BMW have all 800 900 series engine built in China by Loncin, and it works.
The only con was the part availability on the fist models.
MG cars are china made and work very well, etc etc.
The question is more on our ethic of buying something made in a non democratic country, something that is really cheap because it’s also part of a political plan, etc etc.
To be fair, my Orange full tube british guitar amp, was… made in China. And really well made from the pov of my amp tech.

they copy, but are commissioned by european/us brand to produce cheaper.
They give china the tech, the plan, everything…

Agreed, many times they are sub-contracted to legally produce parts cheaply, but often not so legally…

Looks like CF Moto are doing a “Daytona” - the 675SR-R.

Screenshot 2024-05-27 at 20.09.04

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Looks like the bastard child of a Daytona675 and BMW S1000RR
(I rest my case :laughing:)


I’m not a fan myself :laughing:.