New look speed vans

New style mobile speed vans in Wales are about, if you’re coming down this way, lookout. This was spotted in Carmarthenshire (not my photo)


Whoever took that photo, I’d like to see the shelves in his house :laughing:

Came up on Mrs W’s Facebook. :sunglasses:

If you ever come into North Wales - the Rhuallt hill is a prime spot - they sit in a layby at the bottom of the hill. They also get you going up the hill.

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If visiting Dumfries & Galloway, the A75 Gretna-Stranraer road is the one they watch the most. They choose laybys on the straightest, fastest sections where people have the chance to finally overtake slow moving lorries and tractors safely. Easy pickings, nothing to do with road safety.

In Ceredigion you’d only get a pencil sketch

None of the scamera vans have anything to do with road safety. If they did they would be outside schools etc. Not on long straight sections of road.