New Member from U.S.A

Hi, am new member here.

Don’t have any motorcycles today but have a couple 1980s trucks from Japan that I do service for, they have a 22-r and 22-re engines.

May want to buy a motorcycle one day or do repair service for those.

Live in Washington State near Canada.

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Hi Michael. Welcome to the forum! You’ll find loads of advice and encouragement here to get you on two wheels. :grin: What sort of bikes do you like?

Well I have a Motobecane Fantom fx bicycle, but for motorcycles yamaha seems good.

Welcome :sunglasses:

Is it fair to assume you like Triumph motorcycles too? I have Yamaha bikes as well and I usually have a couple of Triumphs on the go at the same time. :grimacing:



Wotcha Micheal, welcome…

Thanks for welcomes, Triumph motorcycles look good too.

Welcome in :+1:

Good to meet you all.

It’s good here …! Just get a Triumph. Problem solved …!

They look kind of expensive but might have budget for that next year.

Hi and welcome….

Anyone else here in North America?

Have traveled some in the U.K. may want to emigrate there.

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Welcome to the forum :sunglasses:

She doesn’t post often but @Sandi is in the US, though nowhere near you.

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I see motorcycle trip out in New Mexico, that is a ways from Seattle. There is a Triumph dealership in Seattle I just found out can go photograph that!

Got out of university there few years ago, right now working to get new construction/building design company established here. Launched a discourse site for that set in user card signature. This year has been kind of slow hopefully next year will be better.

Have done some work for other artist/contractors over the years but can’t take orders from authority figures anymore.

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