New member from Yorkshire

New here but I’m the same Eldon from TTF forum with a variety of bikes including a 765rs and 675r. Current project is an Armstrong mt500 army bike which I’m sure will be an adventure every time out :roll_eyes:
Been for a pleasant ride around today on the 765 with the wife with lunch at zoom cafe and included a trip over to Hornsea.


Welcome to the forum, Eldom!

I’ve still got my 675. I’ve had it for 10 years and I can’t see me parting with it now. Didn’t get out in the sun today as I’m keeping my head down before taking a covid ‘fit-to-fly’ test on Tuesday.

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Welcome in from another part of Yorkshire!!

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and welcome from yet another part of Yorkshire (the northern bit) :sunglasses:

Is anyone here not in Yorkshire? :grin: :wink:

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Aye, Ah’s nit!

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Aye I should be in Dumfries and Galloway tomorrow for the weekend :rofl:

Welcome over Eldon :sunglasses:

I am not from Yorkshire but I like the Tea! :tea:


Can’t beat a good cup of Yorkshire tea…

Haven’t been able to drink tea since I had Covid. It’s weird.

Hi and welcome in…

Welcome to the forum, Paul (and, indeed to Dumfries and Galloway, where I live. Where are you going?)

Have we got a “WTF” response button yet? It should be next to the “You bloody pillock!” Button, but I can’t seem to locate that either??? :thinking:

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Ta! But it does seem more like a “Heavens to Bettsies” button than WTF!

Top side of Newton Stewart for a few days walking.


@stevelovatt Thought you might have used a new name on here since you couldn’t change your screen name on TTF? Maybe I suggest summat like …………. Velvet?


Welcome and I’m not in Yorkshire either.

Most people arn’t. Welcome to the forum @Eldon

Welcome in Eldon

Another Yorkshire person here but now an expat in Europe. :hushed:

We’ve kind of “met” already but WELCOME anyway.

I’m a red rose ex-pat but don’t hold that against me, please … especially as I’m a TSG (Thievin’ Scouse Git) by birth.

Keep it shiney side up!!