New MotoGP team - Trackhouse Racing

I thought perhaps the demise of RNF would be an opening the Americans might be interested in filling to get back to the top of two-wheeled racing. I would have lost a couple of bob on it being American Racing stepping up from Moto2

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You’d never guess it’s an American sponsor would you. :roll_eyes:
Usual American subtlety. :joy:

There’d better be 50 stars on that bike. No more, no less! :laughing:

Is it just me or do the MotoGP bikes all look ugly these days?:nauseated_face:

I wouldn’t disagree. It’s a bit like F1 - when they went mad with the aero, cars became engineering marvels but with look only Picasso could love.

If MotoGP want to gain traction in the US they need to get Netflix to produce a semi-fictional reality tv show based around it. It worked for F1.

I don’t think having a US team running around near the back of the grid will make much difference to its popularity over there.

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