New pothole campaign

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News from the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG)

New Pothole Campaign: Resurface Our Roads, We Deserve Better

The Motorcycle Action Group renews its campaigning to end the blight of
crumbling road surfaces. The Resurface Our Roads campaign is supporting
a Government petition calling for increased funding. MAG will also
highlight the dangers faced by motorcyclists and shortcomings of local
authority responses.

MAG is throwing its weight behind promoting a new Government petition to
motorcyclists. The petition, raised by Dean Murphy, calls for increased
funding for road repair and resurfacing.

The petition states:

The Government takes billions a year from road users. We deserve better
investment in road maintenance, not simply waiting for potholes to
appear then filling them.

Many roads need resurfacing to provide better, safer conditions for all
road users. The Government should increase funding for this.

Road surfaces in many areas are a disgrace and not becoming of a
supposedly developed leading world economy.

Potholes are an obvious danger to all road users but our roads need much
more than the sticking plaster of pothole repair, much of which takes an
age to be undertaken.

Nor is it simply about safety; there is a total lack of civic pride.
Improving roads could help improve wellbeing by reducing stress. Invest
more of the billions of pounds of revenue taken from road users into
road infrastructure.

For motorcyclists, the risks go far beyond the cost and inconvenience of
damaged wheels and suspension.

MAG research conducted in 2020 showed that every year, over 70
motorcyclists are killed or seriously injured in incidents where road
surface defects are a contributory factor. Safe road infrastructure is
one of the key pillars of the Safe System approach to road safety.

MAG’s Director of Campaigns & Political Engagement, Colin Brown, said:

“Potholes are an emotive subject for riders. A simple request for
stories of pothole related crashes on MAG’s social media attracted a
response rate higher by an order of magnitude than other posts.
Potholes have always been in the top five issues that get raised by our

The recent announcement by Jeremy Hunt of an extra £200 million to
tackle the issue is risible when taken in the context of the £14 billion
backlog of repairs reported by the Asphalt Industry Alliance in their
2023 ALARM report.”

MAG is calling on all members to raise the issue both locally in this
Thursday’s local elections and nationally with their MPs. Ask your
local candidates and MP to sign the petition and make sure that they do
all they can to allocate funds in this area. Bikers are voters and now
is the time to make our voice heard.

The petition can be found at Increase funding for the repair and resurfacing of roads - Petitions


Shame almost 2000 people have signed to date. Over 1 million motorcyclist registered in the UK, and almost 2000 have signed this petition. The Government really know we mean business.
I won’t be holding my breath that this will have a cat in hells chance of getting anywhere.

Didn’t see this originally. Now signed the petition.


I signed too, but agree with bikerman that it’s futile.

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Same here.

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Just signed which brought it up tp 2,037. Come on lads & lasses.

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Well at least we’ve all tried. I just don’t understand why more motorcyclists aren’t in MAG. I know it’s a personal choice, and not everyone, including me agree with everything that MAG stands for, but they’re doing their utmost to defend our way of life, or our choice of transport. What gets me is that all these bridge’s that MAG have managed to secure free passage over for lots of motorcyclist, how much money have they saved over the years. But ask them to pay £30 a year for other people to do all the work for them, then out comes the excuses book why they can’t or won’t join. Unless the majority of bikers get off their bloody arses and join, the future certainly isn’t looking too good.