New sidebar option for chat threads

Some of you may know (and some may have forgotten) that TMF has an instant messaging (chat) feature, like Signal, WhatsApp etc, but without having to swap phone details. Handy perhaps if you’re meeting up but don’t want to give out your personal information just want a real-time conversation within the forum. No need to swap phone numbers or set up your conversation elsewhere.

Anyway, the message categories are where all the action tends to be around here but chat is there for people to use if they want to. The eagle-eyed members will already have spotted an option on the sidebar - My Threads. It’s designed to help people keep up with chat threads more easily.
The green circles are the existing chat functionality showing the channels set up for some of the categories, and for some reason a personal chat I don’t remember having with Dawsy. :slight_smile:

No one’s actively using the chat feature at the moment so this screenshot is from elsewhere to illustrate how the My Threads panel would look.


Just checking how interactive this really is… following todays update…! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I trust you are not disappointed. :grin: